What Laser Rangefinders or GPS units Qualify for Trade-In?
All fully functioning Bushnell devices as well as many other makes and models from brands such as Golf Buddy, Garmin, Izzo, Laser Link, Leica Optics, Leupold, Nikon, SkyCaddie and SonoCaddie. Check values now.
What Qualifies as a Fully Functional Laser Rangefinder or GPS device?
Bushnell Laser Rangefinder or Other Laser Rangefinders:
  • Unit is fully functioning
  • All buttons work and operate as intended
  • Lens not scratched/cracked
  • Battery and battery door included
  • No severe LCD burns
  • Eyecup is not removed/missing
Bushnell GPS or Other GPS Units:
  • Unit is fully functioning
  • All buttons work and operate as intended
  • Unit receives signal
  • No cracks in screen or major scratches
  • Previous owner’s information is properly removed from device (if applicable).
  • All necessary applicable accessories are included with device and are fully functioning (charger, battery, USB cable,)
What Qualifies as a Fully Functioning Golf Club?
  • Must be authentic and have no defects such as dents, cracks, bends, skymarks, paint chips or rust
  • Iron sets must not have replacement shafts and must be at least 5 consecutive clubs including a pitching wedge
Can I Trade In More Than One Item?
Absolutely! There is no limit on the amount of Laser Rangefinders, GPS devices or golf clubs that you can trade in. You can also trade in any combination of these items. For example, you could trade in one Laser Rangefinder, one GPS device and 8 golf clubs or you could just trade in 1 golf club. In some cases your total trade-in value will actually exceed the purchase price of your new Bushnell Golf device!
Do I Have to Trade-In a Bushnell to Qualify for Trade-In?
No, you can trade in any item listed as a qualifying item. See list.
How Do I Get Paid?
It’s simple, follow the trade-in steps and once your item arrives you can expect payment within 14-21 business days. In many cases you will actually receive your payment faster! Getting your funds in your pocket is important to us and we try hard to exceed your expectations.
What Form of Payment Can I Expect?
When completing the trade-in process you have an option to receive your funds via a check or Paypal. Simply chose the payment option that works best for you.
How Are Trade Values Determined?
Trade values are determined based on a combination of a few factors including; the overall condition and functionality of the product being traded in, age of product, demand in the market for the resale of the product being traded in and other current market conditions.
How is Shipping Handled?
When completing your online trade-in you have the ability to purchase a Fed Ex label at an expense of $10 per label. The label charges will be deducted from the total value of your trade-in. If you prefer to use your own shipping service you are welcome to do that at your own expense. The customer sending in the trade is responsible for the shipment should anything thing happen to it in transit. Customer is still responsible for any damage that may incur during shipping even in you elect to purchase a prepaid Fed Ex label. Please pack your trade with care to limit the possibility of the product being damaged in shipment.
What Address Do I Ship My Trade?
Bushnell Golf Trade-In Program
6752 Shady Oak Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344